Habits to Bring into the New Year to Make Apartment Living That Much Better

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We know our tenants have it all figured out! However, what better time to ring in some new habits than with the New Year. Here are 5 tips to make 2022 apartment living a little easier on you. 


  1. Save the Polar Bears (and your wallets) by Turning off Electronics! 

    Turn off lights as you leave the room, and especially when you leave your place. Save the planet and your electrical bill when you choose to save energy.

  2. Engage in Regular Cleaning 

    Take out the trash as soon as it gets full. Wipe off the counters and sweep at the end of each day. A small mess turns into a large one! Get ahead of it while you can. 

  3. Reinstate Roommate Rules 

    The new year is a great time to revisit how your living situation is going. Check in with your roommate! Go over how things have been going. Make a new chore list or hash out any issues so that you go into 2022 with a fresh start!

  4. Get Organized 

    Time to see what you are -actually- using in your apartment and give the rest to Goodwill. Purge old clothes or decorations to make room for new. It's time for a deep clean to make our new year's resolutions and habits a bit easier to keep. 

  5. New Year, “New Place”

    A new year doesn’t call for a new apartment, but you can make your apartment feel brand new with a little redecorating. After organizing and donating the old, design your home to make it uniquely yours. Maybe this means a complete redesign and redecorating, or maybe this means finally adding that framed photo of your dog to the wall. Whatever it may be, make your place truly yours in 2022.

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