The Three Sixty Story

Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions, LLC is a full-service residential, retail and commercial development and leasing company. Our name is derived from the full circle of services we provide and our commitment to a project from start to finish. We have grown to be a successful, full-service real estate company because of the years of diligent and successful planning, developing and managing of all of our properties. We serve our customers at a level that exceeds industry standards and we provide quality outcomes for all partners.

Three Sixty is an entrepreneurial organization that was established in 1998 with a single rental property in a predominantly college-friendly town. It was from those early, humble beginnings that the company learned the importance of listening and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

From the start, we pioneered a “skin-in-the-game” business philosophy that set a higher bar for real estate partnerships. Today, we still share in the risks and the rewards with our investment partners. We foster lifelong business partnerships that are focused on serving our customers to the highest standard.

Three Sixty excels at helping others see real estate development possibilities from napkin pencil sketches to years of in-depth planning. Our total combined years of real estate experience enables us to see down the street and around the corner to embrace the “what if” regarding real estate investments.

Our rock-solid foundation and connections are what bring together the public and private sectors, making impactful real estate projects come to life. We work closely with stakeholders on each project. We are proud of our collaborative relationships with other developers, architects, builders, suppliers, investors, and government entities.

We have a talent for uniting the right people to create unique projects with quality materials and outstanding workmanship at the best possible price.