Our Culture

The most valued asset you have in any organization is the people you work with. When it comes down to it, it is all about the relationships we have with each other. At Three Sixty, we work to create an environment where each member of our team is highly valued and treated as such. We are all considered to be leaders, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and we extend trust and loyalty to each other. We are a melting pot of different talents, passions and backgrounds, with varied opinions and ideas. There is an energy you feel when you come into our office or spend time with us out in the community. We have built a culture that is transparent, trusting, and places huge value on the person. Because of our trust and consideration for each other, we have created an environment that has fun, high-functioning, hard-working people who are passionate about their company. For us, our culture allows us to continue to progress in a helpful, thorough and caring way.